Justin Drummond


As the President and CEO of SparkC, Justin Drummond has demonstrated unwavering dedication to driving innovation in the fields of Cybersecurity and Training Technology. His journey began at The University of Toledo, where he earned a Bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice before advancing to achieve a Master’s Degree in Cybersecurity Management & Policy from The University of Maryland-University College (UMUC).

Under Mr. Drummond’s leadership, SparkC has achieved remarkable success, securing numerous federal, county, and private sector contracts with major corporations. Notably, the company has established itself as a trusted partner for cybersecurity management solutions and training technology development, earning contracts with prestigious agencies such as the Department of Health and Human Services and the Department of Veterans Affairs. These achievements include securing multi-year prime and subcontracting opportunities, showcasing SparkC’s prowess in delivering cutting-edge solutions.

Through his adept relationship-building skills, Mr. Drummond has fostered connections across various industries, resulting in SparkC delivering substantial value to clients in Healthcare, Federal, Acquisition, and Defense sectors. From collaborating with industry giants like BlueCross BlueShield to partnering with defense powerhouse Peraton, Inc., SparkC has consistently exceeded expectations, cementing its reputation as a leader in the field. In addition to his professional accomplishments, Mr. Drummond is committed to giving back to the community. He regularly conducts mentoring sessions for aspiring young entrepreneurs seeking to forge their paths in the cybersecurity industry, exemplifying his dedication to nurturing the next generation of talent.

Nelson Lubinda

Sr. Cyber Security Compliance Director/CISO

Nelson Lubinda is a certified and experienced IT and cyber-security professional with over 20+ years of experience implementing DOD, NIST, FISMA, and DIACAP framework and compliance oversight, perform engineering support to the SOC and supported the SOC response approach with Incident Response (IR) and conducting network vulnerability scanning with Tenable Security, IBM Resilient, Hexadite, Phantom and FireEye. Provided network engineering support for data security centers. Cyber-Security Management experience includes updating corporate security policies and executing implementation. Managed Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) Threat Intelligence Feeds from the Department of Homeland Security.

​Led projects including executing internal vulnerability scanning for Ankura Consulting Group and vulnerability assessments for applications for Department of Veterans.

Served as the FSA SOC Analyst to ensure the effective and secure use of FSA information resources. This work included monitoring network visibility and the FSA enterprise for potential threats and/or attacks, providing functional support during incident responses, and coordinating with other DHS resources to address and investigate incidents that required special handling.
Manage Automated Indicator Sharing (AIS) Threat Intelligence Feeds from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). Researched and deployed Anomali, a Threat Intelligence platform and Coordinated with DHS SOC/CSIRC on cases of mutual interest. Perform ongoing IOC Detection and threat hunting Performed IDS event review, filtering, and escalation for FSA systems. Executed vulnerability assessment and discovery scans using ForeScout, Nessus, and NMAP for the FSA SOC.

Baron James

Chief Training Officer (CTO) - Sr. Instructional System Designer

A technically proficient individual with over 15 years of experience in Instructional Systems Design, courseware development, multimedia, and training software development. Over the course of my career, Mr. James has extensively utilized Adobe Creative Cloud applications for video production, animation development, and the design and construction of eLearning products for both government and non-government contractors, providing me with the necessary skills to successfully execute projects.

Currently serving as the Senior Lead Instructional System Designer for the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Acquisition and Logistics, Mr. James led a team in the design and development of the Acquisition Lifecycle Framework. This project involves creating a comprehensive resource collection, including interactive eLearning modules, gamification modules, scenario-based learning, and quizzes, all tailored to meet the organization’s needs. Additionally, I am responsible for managing the VA SharePoint Hosting environment and integrating source files as needed.

In 2023, Mr. James spearheaded the development of the County-wide Employee Emergency Preparedness eLearning course for the Prince George’s County Department of Homeland & Emergency Management. Guiding our internal team through the ADDIE methodology, he oversaw the creation of animated-character simulated scenarios, multimedia elements, gamification features, and knowledge checks. Mr. James also collaborated closely with clients to ensure their requirements were met and deliverables were implemented effectively.

Continuously dedicated to professional growth, Mr.James is committed to staying abreast of the latest advancements in VR, AR, and AI-driven training technologies, further enhancing my ability to deliver innovative solutions and add value to every project.